15 june 2016

hello! we hope that 2016 has been treating you well, but what a fickle year of the monkey, right? they are unpredictable beasties. speaking of beasties, this month we play a benefit for rocket dog rescue and give me shelter, a cat rescue non-profit. 100% of door proceeds go to these organizations. come on out and represent for music, for critters, and for good works. show details are here.

9 december 2015

thanks to all for your support this year. it's been a wild ride! special thanks to the lumineers for showcasing us on your radio station. also to christian northeast for the great cover art. and big kudos to the very talented karl derfler who has been behind the boards. we think of karl as our sir george henry martin. yoo hoo is available through cdbaby or email us.
yoo hoo is also available on itunes.

we look forward to entertaining you in the new year. have a good one!

8 july 2015

we have a summertime show. details are here. lovely poster art by cy de groat. hope to see you!

6 january 2014

happy new year! bermuda triangle service has a new record coming out entitled yoo hoo. Please join us to celebrate its release at the make-out room this valentine's day, 2/14/14. There shall be some special guests joining us on stage.

7 may 2013

spring has sprung, right? once again, bermuda triangle service is off to big sur to play at fernwood and hold an overnight communion with the albino redwood tree that resides there. please join us! details are here.

16 october 2012

5 july 2012

15 may 2012

alive and kicking. please join bermuda triangle service and the lovely band, okie rosette, for a night of original songs at the make-out room on june 1st. details are here.

8 november 2011

bermuda triangle service plays its premier show in santa cruz next week. please join us. wig's dad will be in the house along with his big stick surf club buddies. we're very happy to be sharing another bill with miss carolyn mark. show details are here. happy fall to all.

19 may 2010

we are always happy to return to fernwood resort in big sur. it should be a lovely evening as the spindles share the bill. show details are here.

1 december 2009

aloha to you and yours. bermuda triangle service shall be playing its final show of 2009 with the lovely bouvier girls as well as shitty shitty band band. we hope you can join us! details are here.

17 august 2009

and so, one of the books that we toiled on last year, the monsterologist: a memoir in rhyme is finally seeing its release! and the music of bermuda triangle service is on the book trailer's jukebox (visit audio/video at themonsterologist.com)! it is so grand to have both our visual and audio work combined on a project. many thanks to bobbi katz, the author, and sterling, our publisher, for being such great company with fine words and support. check with your local mom and pop bookstore for a copy of the monsterologist. it's also available at barnes and noble and through amazon.

4 april 2009

alright now, we have some upcoming shows. j.j. cale has inspired us to get out and about.

7 september 2008

so, bermuda triangle service is taking a bit of a nap while adam and wig produce a children's book about monsters. nudge us from repose if you have something musical in mind.

12 march 2008

so, how have you been? we've been ruminating and drinking teas and contemplating this next album and dreaming about life and non-life things. we've also got ourselves a show in forestville with the esteemed bernie jungle and the spindles. details are here. see you there?

12 august 2007

hello, friends. two-thirds of bermuda triangle service is just back from the catskill mountains where we spotted miniature frogs, watched a rabble of monarch butterflies, and had an odd standoff with a jackrabbit who refused to eat homegrown carrots. now that we have returned to pigeon terra, we look forward to a couple of local musical outings this weekend. show details are here.

23 may 2007

greetings, superheroes and lovely people. this june 3rd, in the year 007, bermuda triangle service shall load the mini-van to traverse the streets of san francisco, ending up at the make-out room, where we shall join compadres, shitty shitty band band, to sing and play and celebrate life so that monies can be raised to fight the woeful disease of cancer. please join us for good times and good deeds!

3 march 2007

it is a triumvirate of a full moon, lunar eclipse and chinese new year's celebration for the year of the boar. not bore, mind you. come celebrate with bermuda triangle service and two of canada's finest lady performers, carolyn mark and amy honey. show details are here.

27 december 2006

happy holidays, folks! ad and wig shall be ending 2006 and starting the new year playing texas, the 'friendship' state. yes, that is the texas state motto and we embrace it wholeheartedly in an international, national, state by state, and more immediate sort of way. tell your friends and have a lovely 2007. show details are here.

29 november 2006

many thanks, new york city. (photo by edel rodriguez)

23 october 2006

aloha, all. bermuda triangle service heads east to play the fine city of new york. first up, pete's candy store. now, it might sound like pete's candy store is, well, just that. but mostly, it is a purveyor of fine music and adult spelling bees. bermuda triangle service performs on sunday, 11/5, at 9:30pm. we're hoping to catch a spelling bee on monday as well. after that, there is a show manhattan way with our friend, mr. dred scott, on 11/7 in the lower east side at rockwood music hall. come on out! we'll throw you roses or hibiscus.

9 april 2006

24 february 2006

holy cryptic notebooks, hobo sidewalk sales, and thumbs pointed toward vancouver or victoria or anything north of the northern border of bush country. yes, bermuda triangle service is working on those notebooks in hopes of another studio release sometime in the not-too-distant future. in the meantime, enjoy these lovely pictures that amy honey took of our bands, our beasts, and the general mayhem that the saloonatics (amy honey, lily fawn, carolyn mark) caused while touring the western coast. you might also want to stop by amy's record store, red cat records, if you're ever in the vancouver area. it's 'not just music for pussies.'

5 february 2006

title track to high swan dive:

there's a glass in her hand
so she slowly puts it down
brushes the crumbs off of her lap
and then takes a look around

the lawn chairs are empty
the chips are gone
the ice has all melted
the water is calm

she follows the concrete
around the shape of a bean
and climbs up the ladder
until she sees everything

the roofs of the houses
linoleum floors
the cul-de-sac ending
her neighbor's front doors

she's still and she's flying
with the june bugs beside her
she's still and she's flying
with the june bugs to guide her

her party is over
her friends have all gone
the dachshund is sleeping
the streetlights come on

she calls to esther to make it be good
and steps up confidently just like esther would
then breathing loud and heading down to the deep, deep blue green
she jumps high with all her might
a swan dive in mid-flight

she's still and she's flying
with the june bugs beside her
she's still and she's flying
with the june bugs to guide her

19 september 2005

we are honored to be playing some upcoming dates with victoria williams and carolyn mark. details are here.

19 may 2005

we'd never heard of an albino redwood 'til fernwood said they had one. we shall be dedicating songs to the albino redwood tree when we play the fernwood on saturday, may 28th. it makes us both happy and sad to report that fernwood is completely booked up for the night, but we know of one person who drove his car all the way from oakland to big sur and back to see will oldham play there. it can be done! if you watch the curves! otherwise, catch us at the 9th annual mission creek music festival. show details are here.

14 april 2005

6 march 2005

we shall be playing at the lovely 12 galaxies and then taking a short trek to the southern california environs to see if life is really as it appears on the o.c.

21 february 2005

the plum blossoms are falling, perhaps signifying the true change of the seasons. bermuda triangle service can only hope, as we drive ourselves around this weekend, that the rains shall let up and that we shall successfully deliver ourselves and our gear to our committed destinations. up first is an evening at luna's on saturday. sacramento music critic, jackson griffith, told us that we really needed to play his town and suggested a double bill with david houston. we look forward to hearing david's set as he is a man that is not adverse to the use of a string section or wearing sunglasses at night. david has recently been getting press because jack white of the white stripes is a fan of his songwriting and has covered his songs live. fellow san franciscan, matt bauer, shall open. weekend show details are here.

16 february 2005

the artwork that christian northeast so graciously supplied to us for the cover of high swan dive has been selected for display as part of a juried exhibit at the society of llustrators galleries in nyc. it shall be up from april 9th to may 7th. congrats, christian!
we have shows.

6 february 2005

special thanks to wxdu, wfmu, krcb, kfjc, pirate cat radio, krsh and kalx for the airtime.
check out grant capes' review of high swan dive over at indieworkshop.
we have shows.

29 december 2004

high swan dive, our debut album, is done and mastered thanks to karl derfler and joshua housh and scott greiner and john golden. we arise like a diver from a chlorinated, kidney-shaped swimming pool.

the cd is available online at cdbaby and at such fine stores as:
- amoeba music
- mod lang
- streetlight records
- aquarius records